Why us?

Here are 5 reasons why Kostera's are worth it:

  • Giving you service across the board

    We can service all your automotive maintenance and repair needs.
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  • We also know tyres

    We've been forging relationship with suppliers since 1995 – and we've become the supplier that other tyre suppliers come to when sourcing something special.
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  • Our Dunlop affiliation

    As far as quality goes, Dunlop ARE tyre excellence – and have been since 1888. They have an extraordinary range of products, which you can come in a see for yourself. It's why we're Direct Dealers on their behalf.
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  • We care

    As a family-run business in Kalamunda for over eighty years, we're part of the community. We care what happens here. And we have a solid reputation of loyalty and reliability that we're pretty proud of.
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  • We're the authority

    Our experience of over eighty years - combined with our relationships in the industry - makes us the authority in tyres and vehicles generally.

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